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Genealogy Guide for Landry Databases



The database consists of five groups (tree) a search that can be surveyed simultaneously or separately. Note in particular the trees 05 and 07.

05 Landry en Amérique:
(35 000 persons) Genealogy of Landry of America. Main database containing
-The majority of marriages of men Landry of Quebec before 1900, Canada 1910
-The majority of marriages of women Landry of Quebec before 1900, Canada 1910
-The majority of marriages Landry of Louisiana before 1800
-Landry, the marriages of New Brunswick before 1900
-Lots of marriages after 1900.
-All ancestors of Marcel Walter Landry

07 Landry à l'étude:
(44 000 persons) The Landry of Quebec unclassified. Mainly includes marriages in Quebec after 1900. Most of these marriages are not included in the database no. 05. Generally includes only parents without grandparents. Eventually these marriages will be integrated into the base 05.

08 Landry européens: Landry from Poitou in France from 1600 to 1700. Normally includes the parents not the grandparents, except for the ancestors of Catherine Landry-Servant from 1650 to 2009.

06 Landry Moyen-âge: The holders of the name Landry in Europe from 450 to 1500, before the arrival of family names.

02 Général: Genealogy of various families unrelated to Landry.

03 Acadiens:
(97 000 persons) Genealogy of the Acadian families until about 1800, including Landry. Landry These are included in the tree 05.





Rehabilitation: I note in this term the marriages that occurred in the absence of a priest in particular during the Acadian deportation. They have subsequently been the subject of a religious blessing and recorded in parish registers, that's what we mean by restoration of marriage. There are also cases where the marriage should have had a dispensation, then it is restored after the approval of the dispensation.

Burial and funeral: Traditionally in genealogy is the date and place of the ceremony following the death of the person. On my site it means Burial although technically it is more the date of the funerals. In Gedcom Burial was chosen rather than Funeral. Other terms such as burial, cremation, funeral, are also used. There is a private Gedom code that allows the use of the funeral event that I used to refer to an outstanding religious service in the church when there is another event in a cemetery, by that I mean burial.

"inconnu" indicates that the first and /or last name of the person concerned is not known, for both men and women. "inconnu inconnu" for the person I do not know the identity


>AV = Before this date
>AP = After this date
>VS = Around this date

Place Names
Generally the place names are entered in the format
City, [sub division of the city if required], (name of parish), county or department if required, state or province or country outside of Canada and the United States.
U.S. states are written in English. Countries written in French. Canadian provinces written in French.

Quebec (St-Malo), QC
Plouer sur Rance, [Port St-Hubert], Côtes d'Armor, France



Place names and spelling for Louisiana.





Database Acadian
The No. 31026 Louis Landry is actually Louis Baudry



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