Les Landry dans les recensements du Nouveau-Brunswick




Sackville en 1765

This document was kindly provided by Doug Ayer; it was originally typed from a tape recording made by Mr. Ayer at the N.S. Archives on 15 July 1968.

List of individuals in Sackville, 1765
A true list of people on the spot, Sackville, ____ 18, 1765
Samuel Landry




Rivière St-Jean en 1783

1783 Studholm Report
transcribed by George H. Hayward
St. Johns River, June 30th, 1783.
To Major G. Studholm, Commandant at Fort Howe, &c.

Sir: --Agreeable to your instructions of the 15th inst. we proceeded up the River St. Johns on the 24th, and have endeavoured in the most accurate manner to collect the best information that was possible respecting the titles claims, characters, principles and deserts of those people who are settled on the lands commonly known by the appellation of Amesbury Tract, the Townships of Gage, Burton, Sunbury, New Town and the lands formerly granted to one McNutt, and after full examination report as follows:
Above St. Anns we found a considerable number of French settlers, many of whom had been in possession a number of years. They in general appeared to be an inoffensive people, but few if any have a legal title, and, as they are in general nearly in one and the same situation, we thought it unnecessary to be so particular with every individual. Those who have anything more than a simple possession to plead in their favor we have properly noticed.
French Inhabitants
36. Amant Landry, wife and 4 children. Been on 7 years; about 6 acres of land cleared.
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Recensement de 1820

Comté de Westmorland recensement 1820 - 1824

Nom des chefs de famille seulement.

Dorchester 1820
  Men Women Children      
Peter Landry 1          
Morang White  1 1 3      
Lorang Landry 1 1 6      
Placit Landry 1 1 2      
Joseph Landry 1 1 3      
Michael Case 1 1 8      
Remia Burk  1 1 8      
Peter White 1 1 4      
Sylvang Cormia 1 1 4      
Costang Landry 1 1 3      
Battis Landry 1 1 6      


Sedish Settlement number of inhabitants total 115.
Botsford population 1820

Remy Landry, wife, 5 children

A Census of the inhabitants in Dorchester in the year 1820
  Men Women Children      
Joseph Landry 1 1 2      
Peter Landry 1 1        
Lorang Bellivow 1 1 6      
John Bellivow 1 1 9      
Pourl White 1 1 8      
widow White   1 1      
Disma Landry 1 1 2      
Joseph Landry 1 1 8      
Ilase Landry 1 1        
Allan Landry 1 1 7      
widow Landry   1 5      
Samuel Landry 1          
Simon Landry 1 1 7      
Source : The census returns transcribed herein are from microfilm reel F-859 from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. Transcription was done by Tony LeBlanc in June of 1993.






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Recensement de 1861 au Nouveau-Brunswick


Le Nouveau-Brunswick ne fait pas encore partie du Canada à cette date.


Information du recensement provenant de

Source; FamilySearch : New Brunswick Census 1861. Search : Landry et Laundry


Territoire des comtés en 1861






Northumberland county en 1851



Aucun de ce comté. Probablement documents manquants





Victoria county en 1851

Westmorland county en 1851




Comprend le Madawaska en 1861




Cartes adaptées à partir des cartes de Wikipédia à l'artile Comtés du Nouveau-Brunswick




Liste des près de 800 noms de Landry dans le Recensement de 1861

Comprend les  Landry, Landray, Landrey, Landrie, Landri, Laundry et Landery.

















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